He's a Twitter Machine, That Charlie Sheen

With almost 185,000 mentions of Charlie Sheen on Twitter from March 1st alone and a new world record of 1 million Twitter followers in 25 hours and 17 minutes, Charlie Sheen is positively winning the internet.

Using, see a live feed of Charlie Sheen mentions in real-time, with sentiment charts, viral analytics, related URLs and pics (I can haz meme?), RT acceleration and degrees of separation. helps reporters find URLs, accelerating trends, popular links, quotes and mentions. Filter by community, geo-location, gender, sentiment and key words.

Sentiment for Charlie Sheen:

Most popular hastags #winning and URLs.

...And global Tweets ad RTs....

As the Washington Examiner highlights, shows that more than 380,000 tweets in the last 48 hours have included the words "Charlie Sheen."

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