Influencer Story: Brian Solis

A household name among '100 Most-Wanted Speakers’, Brian Solis, a principal analyst at research firm Altimeter Group provides his expertise on the impact of disruptive technology in business. He is a prominent blogger and award-winning author.

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A Visionary

A sought-after name in the Influencer circuit, Solis started at the early age of 23, publishing Reality Magazine, a free newsprint that focused on entertainment, fashion and social issues. In 1999, he started his venture, FutureWorks - a digital and social media agency.

FutureWorks grew to new heights helping startups and global brands with digital and traditional marketing programs. Solis also helps them develop 'culture 2.0' and innovation strategies that enable businesses to adapt to new connected markets from the inside out. Some well-known brands we has worked with include Cisco, Conde Nast, Stella Artois and Swarovski.

Ashton Kutcher’s media company Katalyst partnered with FutureWorks in 2009 to work on several early social and digital campaigns for the likes of Oprah Winfrey, the United Nations, Pepsi and the launch of The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

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On the Forefront of Social Business and Social Media

Since the mid ‘90s, Brian Solis has actively studied and written about disruptive technology, emerging business models and and their impact on the future of media, commerce, and culture.

As one of the original social media thought leaders, he has worked tirelessly to organize and define its movement and successfully establish it as a definitive media category. His 2007 work, ‘The Social Media Manifesto’ was a smashing sell-out across the globe amassing details of how organizations need to rethink business, marketing and service strategies.

In 2011, he authored the award-winning book Engage!, which became a reference guide to smarter social media strategy across many industries.

The Cherry on Top

Solis is a regular contributor to Fast Company, Businessweek, Ad Age, Harvard Business Review, and Mashable and also hosts Revolution, a popular online video series that examines technology, trends and best practices and introduces viewers to the thought leaders in the space. Guests have included Katie Couric, Mark Burnett, Shaq, Billy Corgan, and Guy Kawasaki.

508x290 (3).pngRecognition

Solis has been recognized with innumerable awards and titles. He has made more than 450 presentations to universities, businesses and organizations, and has appeared at events ranging from South by Southwest (SXSW) and TEDx, to engagements with clients such as L’Oreal, 3M, Oracle and Google.

As a result, Brian has been named as one of the “100 Most-Wanted Speakers” at tech conferences, ranked as an “Influential Keynote Speaker,” listed as one of “14 Speakers to Book for Conferences Right Now” and one of “25 Keynote Speakers You Need to Know.”

His Belief

“The bottom line is that people are seeking answers and direction, not messages or sales pitches.”


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