1 Year of .Kred Domain

Hello inKredibles! We’re excited to share and celebrate the one year anniversary of the .Kred domain. Yes, it's been an exciting year for us!

As you know, your Kred score is a great way to look at how your actions in Twitterland are impacting others and what Influence you've had on others’ scores.

Last year around this time, we created the .Kred network that allows Influencers like you to create your own identity page.

Here’s a flashback at some of our major wins last year that you've been a part of:

1. All it takes is a tweet


Getting your .Kred domain is super easy. You don't need to pay a cent for the first year. Yep, you heard us right! Post a Tweet to experience and activate your social Identity page.

2. Scoring gets real... very real! 

All your activities let you know your social influence in real time. It’s easy to find out what tweets and posts are getting your score to soar.

3. It’s all about the data


A simple score just ain’t enough. We get you more! Your Kred score tells you about your Influence and Outreach and a slew of other things that really impact you as an Influencer.

4. Not a fan of Twitter?

As the demand from more of our fans grew, we made it really simple to integrate your Facebook and pay for the first year with a post. Start tracking your score now on Facebook and watch your numbers rise!

5. Connect and reward fellow Influencers: The great thing about Kred is how easy it is to find and connect with other like-minded Influencers! You can send them a personal message and even reward them a +Kred to recognise them.

If you’ve already experienced all these features, wait – there’s more coming!


So, what's new?

Social handles and metrics are not the be all and end all. They only begin to help you understand what content is creating the buzz word for you. To accelerate your Influence, we know you need the right tools. And we've got them all for you:

1. Our New Look: A new seamless personal Engagement Profile that you can enrich with customized Interactive modules.

You can now add videos, link all your social handles, view your Influence newsfeed and more.

2. Manage Relationships Easily: With the new Engagement Center, it’s now easier than ever to discover new Influencers, find their scores, and engage with them.


3. Stay on top of Influential content: Imagine an exclusive feed that allows you to follow the latest social news from your Influencer-network only. Your Influence Newsfeed helps you focus on the Influencers and brands that matter to you.

4. Flaunt your Kred: Add Kred to your profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter bio and also add it as a personalised Influencer email Signature.

And that's not all... we've got a lot more amazing features coming your way!

A .Kred domain is the answer to your Online Influence. Don’t miss out! Join our network of over 5000 .Kred owners today.



If you are a proud owner of .Kred already, upgrade it already for just $19. 

Upgrade to the New Kred


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