PeopleBrowsr Facebook Application

"What's your favorite social network?"
That's one of the questions we asked the most.
And guess what's the answer that we got one thousand times: "Facebook".
Facebook has become huge, that's no news.
And, while Twitter is most geeks's favorite site, Facebook is for everyone else.Our guys from UTS like PeopleBrowsr concept and functionalities but they want to see their friends in it. And their friends are mostly on Facebook.

We have been working on it for quite a while and now we can announce that PeopleBrowsr has its Facebook application.

It's done:

  • It looks like PeopleBrowsr Gallery
  • It displays multiple IDs and online data (pics, videos, profiles)
  • It gathers friends (from all the social networks you want)
  • It tracks news
  • It supports notes, cross-network tags and messages
Talking with our students:"Guys, what do you think?"
"Well, it's all my stuff: my friends, my pics, my videos, cool. It could also contain other applications. Friends For Sale would look awesome in the PeopleBrowsr 'PBID"

We'll be ready for testing at the end of February, see you then.

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