@Search Function: So Powerful

Looking for someone?Want to know who's talking to that person, what people say about him or her, want to see their 'PBID'?Good news: that's all public stuff.

Today we integrated a great FriendFinder feature.
Once the user enters @Username in the search box and presses 'GO':
The Grid populates with people talking to or about the searched user.
Passing the mouse over avatars, speech bubbles show the posts mentioning that username.
The 'PBID' appears on the screen, containing a world of info and links to that user's web persona.

Want to search for email? The FriendFinder works also with email addresses.
It's possible to enter any email address into the search bar and get a 'PBID' showing all the online IDs related to that address.

Try it, it's powerful.

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