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Monday morning, Sydney CBD, three cups of steaming-hot coffee and a few words on the week end:
- G'day, mates, happy to be back at 287, Elizabeth Street
- It's getting cold, in Sydney
- Yeah but it's still nice, I went surfing, yesterdayAnd, guess what, two minutes later, we were talking about Internet and the Web:
- So, guys, what's your favorite website?
AndrewH answered in two seconds - Mine is : a science fiction site and blog. I love that and it's really well done. Lots of news and posts. Awesome.

Alberto had too many in his mind - I gotta think. I have a couple I love. give me ten minutes and I'll tell you. What's yours?

Priscilla - Mine is Facebook, because I've got friends spread all over in the world and Facebook is a fantastic way to keep up with them and keep and eye on what they are doing. I'm happy to see that they are fine, or that they had pizza, and to be able to call them up, when I see, from their status, that they need it. It's a fanstastic way to 'be there' also when you're not actually there.

Jesse - Same here: Facebook is pretty much the only way I can see what my friends and family back in Canada are up to.

Priscilla - And I love Twitter too: I follow people I know and people from the web community. It's so up to date, I get heaps of tips on Twitter. It's a fantastic source of buzz and the 140 characters limit is challanging and fun.

Jodee walked in, carrying his bike - Favorite website? Well, maybe it's not so funky, but I love Gmail. It's an amazing site, it's incredible.
Yes, we knew Jodee liked G-mail: you should see how many messages he gets every day and the thrill that a Google doc can give him.

Jodee - And I like Summize: the real time search engine for Twitter. It's way cool.

And you know what makes me dream? does
There are so many smart people around and good ideas are really worth spreading. Great site.

Alberto, again - You know what? I like Facebook, Twitter, I love YouTube and spend hours on it, watching videos on kite-surfing or on how to solve the Rubik's cube: there are so many things to learn and to discover.

That's why I like PeopleBrowsr and why we built it that way : it gathers everything and it allows you to see your friends or to search for stuff you're interested in. And, if you just want to surf the web and happily get lost, you can.

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