PeopleBrowsr Alpha Launch by @Scobleizer

Today Robert Scoble posted a video of PeopleBrowsr on FriendFeed:
Big surprise and a bit of panic: we were expecting to launch next week.
Seconds after the post, we registered a huge number of connections and we started getting a Tsunami messages, questions, comments both on Twitter and FriendFeed.Did you see the wave on the PeopleBrowsr login page?
Thanks Adam for creating this artwork in a few hours.

Our developers managed to fix the servers melting under the @Scobleizer effect in about 20 minutes and here we are live and running, with real users.

Here are the stats for today:

Thanks Robert, thanks Team, and huge thanks to all our new, almost unexpected and very welcome Users for your invaluable feedback and support.A lot to come, so stay tuned.
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