Community Development

Thanks to all of you for using PeopleBrowsr Alpha and for sending us great feedback.
We read all your tweets and all your messages and here is what we did in the last days:@Tylergillies wrote: 'If there is a #hashtag in the post and the post gets split up due to length, put the #hashtag at the end of all post segments so all of the segments show up for #hashtag search'.
Done! Now, if there is a #hashtag in the post and the post gets split up, the #hashtag is replicated on both bits of the post.

@JoeCascio gave us the idea: 'Should show inline conversations'
So we added 'Threads' to each post.

@Frankwettert asked: 'Where is the information which Tool the other twitters are using?'
We added 'Show Tweet Source' and more options to customize PeopleBrowsr in the 'Custom' section.

@frank_einstien & @SinisterJunkie wanted a 'Shorten URL' button.
We created a inline URL shortener. Enter a URL in the post box and click the yellow button to shorten it.

@tonysteward said '@SHHHE - Awesome!! A free idea, it would be cool to be able to post videos to seesmic and youtube from peoplebrowsr!'
We worked with the fantastic Seesmic team to integrate Seesmic and allow users to post Seesmic videos from inside PeopleBrowsr. Try it!

@ScottMaentz wrote us 'Could you save current view and state?'.
Done! Al your PeopleBrowsr settings, stacks and groups are now automatically saved in the cloud, so you can find them all the time and from any computer.

We are delighted to be building PeopleBrowsr with such a great community.
Thanks to all of you, amazing friends!

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