Community Development

Many of the coolest PeopleBrowsr features have been shaped by the PeopleBrowsr community.
Our development team, located in the US, Australia and Europe, works in different time zones to be very responsive to feedback.
Here are some of the functions that we implemented in the last weeks:

@JoeCascio asked on our Google Group to show Twitter bios on mouse over @Username.
@Pistachio suggested us to create a 'User Stack', to browse streams from a specific user.

@NurtureGril had the idea to send Valentines messages and we added PBLove hearts to the post actions, to send anonymous messages.

@jdale suggested to give the search box its own IDs drop down to select in which network to search for a user or a keyword.

and he had the idea to add 'Blogsearch' to PeopleBrowsr, to search for keywords in blogs.

@alex_mayorga asked for "@names suggestion when the first two typed characters are d or D in the "Post..." field". We already had '@Username' autocomplete and implemented 'd @Username' autocomplete, for direct messages.

@awarenessnow gave us the idea to "bookmark a reply from someone which has info I might wish to reference later", so we created 'Post Tags': tags for posts.

We hope you like these new features and how PeopleBrowsr is evolving and look forward to your feedback.
Thanks to all of you!

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