Imagining the future with PeopleBrowsr

While I (@Nurturegirl) am already in love with PeopleBrowsr as my twitter client, there are some key ways I anticipate PeopleBrowsr transforming my social media experience:
  1. More cross-network attention spanning. I am seeing the people that matter to me across their social media-scapes. For example, using my tag-groups developed via Twitter posts to filter through Flickr photos.
  2. Sorting people based on reputation statements on their PeopleProfile. Does it say spammer? Or best marketing genius in NYC? What testimonies will people share that will help me navigate people and the information they share? I think trust is going to increasingly become transparent and be a filtering mechanism, and PeopleBrowsr has the capacity to facilitate that.
  3. Seeing identity across sites. Social graph takes a step in the direction of creating cross-portal identity. I am not just NurtureGirl on twitter, but also on a dozen other sites....but I used to use Spinorb, and a few others. It is all on the More tab of a PBID. We get a more complete picture of an individual or organization this way!
  4. Watch what others tag you - the notifications on PBID lets you know who tagged you with what and when.
  5. Sharing groups. Great for collaborating with others in monitoring people and information streams - can be shared privately or publicly. The possibilities for prospecting, contact management, and customer service are really intriguing, especially when you add in the tag-group description section and the PeopleProfile (private or public).
The potential for collective intelligence on PeopleBrowsr excites me. I look forward to learning and exploring together.
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