Brain Solis report: Public is better than Private

PeopleBrowsr social media expert Brian Solis has just put together a report titled: Facebook and the New Age of Privacy. It’s clear the media has been beating its collective drum over the whole issue of privacy on Facebook; who could forget the Beacon class action suit? And, the 100-million strong community of Twitter users are even more concerned with how Facebook has handled its privacy regulations over the years. However, more important to the conversation is the response from Twitter users, advocating for the openness of publishing, which will strengthen and evolve the social media landscape. The report makes it clear that privacy enforced on social media networks, such as Facebook, will not add to the collective consciousness and the value of human connection, it will in fact hold it back.

True, we are probably the last generation to know what privacy really means, yet the future of social interaction and evolution relies on public openness and the freedom to publish.

As the more progressive of the social sites, Twitter conversations take place in a very public and vi-sable forum dragging other more privacy-driven dinosaurs out of the social media cave and into a new era of social awareness.

For full report visit:

For real-time discussions on privacy visit:

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