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Extend your Free Trial by a day, simply by publishing a link to a Result

It’s been 7 days since the launch of, and we’re amazed by the cool search results that you’re sharing online. Since we love to see you play with and appreciate the feedback from those of you who have asked for trial extensions, we had an idea. To celebrate our first week live, we’re offering a special promotion to our early adopters: we’re going to extend your 7 day Free Trial for a further 7 days...

..and, in addition, for every result that you publish on Twitter, we’ll extend your free trial for an additional day, for up to 90 days. That’s up to 3 months of free access.

How Does Publish To Play Work?

Step 1: Do a search and tweet your Result Link
Step 2: Get One additional Free Day on
Step 3: Enjoy more play each day, as the promo goes up to 90 Days

publish and play

It’s that easy. We want you to have fun with, and we love seeing you play and post your searches.

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