The Future of Social & Tech with Ben Parr

Yesterday evening, Ben Parr, Mashable's Editor-At-Large, stopped by PeopleBrowsr to discuss The Future of Social and Tech. The event, hosted by the San Francisco Chapter of the American Marketing Association at PeopleBrowsr Labs, created an open dialogue on the evolution of the industry.

It was an entertaining presentation, filled with LOLcats, teamwork and audience participation. Ben seemed less like a guest-speaker and more like thought-leader, guiding a brainstorming session and inviting individuals to contribute to the conversation.

As a collective group, we played a game of HOT or NOT to speculate the next ‘big thing’ or ‘big flop’. Ben made a point to be inclusive and created an environment where everyone felt comfortable and equal in sharing their thoughts and ideas.


The consensus?

IN: YouTube (The most promising disruptive startup to revolutionize the TV/Music/Media industry)
OUT: Color (While the tech is interesting, the value has yet to be seen on a consumer scale)IN: LinkedIn (This startup has serious potential for growth and mass adoption)
OUT: Quora (Still finding the value prop for mass consumers and those in industries outside of tech)

IN: Video, mobile (text messaging), and groups-vs-individuals for marketing outreach (ex. LinkedIn Groups)
OUT: Treating social media as a tool for a marketing tactic or strategy... it's about relationships

It certainly was a relevant discussion for hot topics in social and tech. And while none of us can predict the future, we can imagine to have some element of foresight into what to expect.


We love hosting these types of events at our beautiful space in SoMa... If you're looking for a venue for an event surrounding tech, social media, advertising or data visualization, please reach out to us at



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