How Social Media TV Data Will Revolutionize Media Buying

Our CEO Jodee Rich gave a presentation at the Strata Conference today in New York on how Social Data is changing the way Media Buyers measure statistics for television shows. Within aa few hours of its presentation, “Move Over, Nielsen: Rethinking TV Analytics” had over 2,400 views and was featured on Slideshare’s home page.

Jodee’s talk centered on how rich social data returns more accurate results regarding sentiment and popularity of television shows than traditional ratings systems. The presentation was meant to last ten minutes, but extended questioning from the audience turned into a 45 minute discussion. It was then followed by an interview with O'Reilly Media’s Mac Slocum.

Using social data for television ratings is only the beginning for how using data in new creative ways will enrich the viewer experience by involving affinity-based communities. You can see Jodee’s complete presentation here:

[slideshare id=9328451&doc=tvanalyticsdeckv11rdr-110919180623-phpapp01]
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