Jodee Rich to speak at Strata Summit

O’Reilly Radar today published a sneak peek of PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich’s upcoming presentation, “Move Over, Nielsen: Rethinking TV Analytics,” at next week’s Strata Conference.

Jodee’s talk will focus on how social media can replace antiquated rating systems as the primary data source used by media buyers to target consumers. With social analytics, television networks can receive information on audience size, engagement and sentiment in real-time.

Social media values real-time engagement over passive participation. We can see not just
what people are watching, but also monitor what they say about it. By observing actively
engaged people, we can better discern who the viewers are, what they value, what they
discuss, how often they talk about these things, and most importantly, how they feel about
it. This knowledge allows brands to tailor messages with very high relevance.

The Strata Conference runs September 19-23 at the New York Hilton and promises to be a thought-provoking event. Get your registration at Jodee’s talk takes place Tuesday, September 20 in the Westside Ballroom at 10:35am.

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