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PeopleBrowsr releases the Kred Platform: Domain Identity, Influencer Network and Gamification



San Francisco

Following over two years of development, PeopleBrowsr Inc. has released a significant upgrade to Kred.

In Feb 2012, PeopleBrowsr lodged an application with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to obtain the Top Level Domain (TLD) .Kred.
.Kred is now available for all members of the Kred platform - Home.Kred

PeopleBrowsr has applied its technology to its Kred social media scoring metric, turning Kred into a vertical social network for Influencers - Network.Kred.
The Kred Network is the home of influence online. It is a purpose built platform for influencers, infusing identity with gamification. PeopleBrowsr has immersed Kred in enhanced technology, providing influencers with the ability to create their own networks and conversation streams

To coincide with the release of .Kred, PeopleBrowsr is also announcing the acquisition of Empire Avenue, the leading social media gamification platform. Empire Avenue has undergone significant development, and has been rebranded Empire.Kred. Empire.Kred gamifies real world social activities. Players can create Real World Missions for one another, whilst investing their social wealth in a booming economy of influencers. Integrated with PeopleBrowsr’s product suite, Empire.Kred encourages users to discover new content, and find new people through social missions, while watching their Kred Score grow in real time.

JodeeRich.Kred, CEO of the PeopleBrowsr Group of Companies said: “as the creators of the most transparent influence metric in the market, we are proud to expand the Kred product offering to include .Kred, the world’s first publicly available Brand Top Level Domain (TLD).”

The Kred community of Influencers, can now have their very own .Kred Identity, engage with other influencers in the .Kred Network, and boost their social status with Empire.Kred.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.05.21 pmScreen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.07.42 pm

Kred Membership grants Influencers access to the Kred Network.

Members are encouraged to connect their social profiles and engage with other Kred Influencers in a social environment built just for them.

For those looking for something more tailored to their own topic of conversation, Kred Members will soon be invited to create their own KredStreams, featuring their friends, followers, connections, and favorite trending topics.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.08.41 pm

Brands looking to engage key social media users can rapidly activate their own Influencer Network, enjoying premium consulting and support from the Kred team.

.Kred membership is free for the first year - Pricing.Kred


About PeopleBrowsr

PeopleBrowsr is a San Francisco technology company with over $10m in revenue. PeopleBrowsr owns new Top Level Domains .CEO, .Best and .Kred, as well as, an Enterprise technology platform for building Social Networks

It is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the Social Network PaaS, Social Analytics and the Top Level Domain markets.

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