Influencer Story: Adam Steinhardt

Can you imagine a man born to be an Olympian and a marketing wizard? Meet Adam Paul Steinhardt, the Australian athlete and entrepreneur who started with his company Next Byte in 1995 while he was training for the Olympics.



Early Years

Adam was born December 5, 1969 and as a kid attended Pembroke School in 80’s, where sports became his passion. Starting in 1990, he represented Australia as a pole vaulter in two consecutive Commonwealth Games.

His Bronze miss at the 1990 Commonwealth Games was a turning point for his alternate career decisions. He represented Australia again at the 1994 Commonwealth Games, in between missing the ‘92 Olympics by only 5cm. Two subsequent misses in Olympics was the spark that led him to succeed in his business dreams. He achieved his personal best of 5.51m on 14 February 1996 in Adelaide, South Australia.

He kickstarted Next Byte, a computer retail company chain selling Apple Macs in 1995. Interestingly, he started it by renting a desk in an office in exchange for database programming. As its Managing Director, he drove the company to great heights starting off with an internal marketing department. Headquartered in Adelaide and under his guidance, the company created websites, ran the intranet, advertised on radio, press, television, built retail stores, created marketing strategy, wrote copy, and developed digital marketing efforts—all while working closely with the Apple Computer Marketing team.


The Leap

Apple Australia closely consulted with him to drive their Australian marketing strategy.  Subsequent partnerships strengthened the company’s marketing and brand management wings. Awards followed success.

2005 was the year of transformations. The Company reached its peak with 16 stores nationwide and a strong team of 140 people.

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Raising The Kingdom

After a few years of progress and growth, Adam sold Next Byte for $31 million in 2007. With a strong foothold and know-hows of managing global brands, Steinhardt moved further to explore the field of website development, digital marketing and advertising agency world and established  The Kingdom in 2009.

In his words, “I set out to build and create an exotic 5-star advertising agency that created fast turnarounds, attractive content, gorgeous graphic design and provide expert digital marketing, advertising and social media solutions.”

The growth of social media helped him learn the art of fusing copywriting and computer marketing. He utilised that to partner with HubSpot and now offers a variety of services across Australia.



Among Adam’s many life experiences, he chanced upon an opportunity to be featured in his first innovative TV commercial as a 16-year-old pole vaulter.

He has served as the Manager of Becchara Palmer, Olympic Beach Volleyballer. 

Around the time of IT boom, he bagged a Track and Field Scholarship at the University of Washington (1988).

He was an Electronic Direct Mail programmer pioneering EDM HTML development. The wow moment came when Steve Jobs resourced Adam’s email marketing piece as an example of how it shoulda be done at an Apple marketing conference in 1999!

Adam’s business acumen saved him from a faulty merger of Next Byte into an $100M deal just before the Dot Com changed the face of technology. With much hype, this incident was filmed and made into a 4 part mini-series on the ABC called “Going Public”. Mary Donaldson, before becoming the Princess of Denmark, played an active part in Going Public’s production. 

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Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | The Kingdom: +61 8 8232 1125 | M: +61 418 790 355|

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