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The .Global domain is known for providing instant, worldwide recognition for brands with a borderless strategy - An opportunity to get the perfect multinational domain name.

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Wondering how .Global can suit you? Businesses big and small have the opportunity to expand their reach with this international TLD:

1. EFM.Global


Company Name: EFM Group

Industry:  Project logistics solutions specifically for the live events industry

Why .Global works for them: means that EFM’s customers receive one of the highest levels of service in the industry and can be confident that their cargo is handled with the highest standards of care and discretion; EFM offers global reach, global strength and global expertise


2. Remax.Global


Company Name: RE/MAX LLC
Industry: Realty

Why .Global works for them: “One World. One Search”


3. Binatone.Global


Company Name: Binatone - Binatone, iDECT and Voxtel, the company has been very successful in reviving and managing product groups for other brands such as Motorola and AEG.

Industry:  Tech (Production)

Why .Global works for them: develops and manufactures innovative products for sale in 55 countries Worldwide;worldwide markets and for Landline Telephones for North America. develops and markets AEG branded Landline Phones, Corded Phones, GSM Mobiles and PMRs under license in Europe.

4. Sunkist.Global


Company Name: Sunkist

Industry: Beverages

Why .Global works for them: the most widely recognized name in the citrus category         


5. DWF.Global 


Company Name: DWF

Industry: Law

Why .Global works for them:  started life as a four-office practice based in the North West; Have over 2,300 talented workers based in 16 locations across England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium(Brussels), Germany and Dubai.


6. ACTS.Global   


Company Name: Antioc Center for Training and Sending (ACTS)

Business Size:

Why .Global works for them: Organization committed to equipping young leaders to pioneer the expansion of the gospel amongst unreached and unengaged people; vision- To finish the task of world evangelization in our generation


7. BEEP.Global


Company Name: BEEP- Business Execution by Empowering People

Industry: Online Business Publication

Why .Global works for them:is Media platform for leaders and managers about how to perform business results; It provides tools, principles, methods for successful modern organizations, delivers solutions to issues of 21. century leaders and managers over new online media platforms and smart, leadership tailored magazine.


8. XOVI.Global


Company Name: XOVI

Industry: Tech (SaaS)

Why .Global works for them: XOVI GmbH has been offering SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for the online marketing industry since 2009; helping online marketers and businesses be more successful on the web.


9. Santillana.Global


Company Name: Santillana

Industry: Educational Texts

Why .Global works for them: The educational content and services leader in Spain and Latin America; significant growth experienced in Brazil, Mexico  and Chile.


10. Bigg.Global


Company Name: Bigg CrossFit

Industry: Health and Fitness

Why .Global works for them: CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program, is a worldwide phenomenon that Bigg is promoting through their series of Gyms across Latin America.    

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