Influencer Story: Eric Keiles

Over the past 25 years Eric Keiles has started nine businesses in industries ranging from hospitality and tourism to marketing, and established himself as the pioneer of Reality Marketing™, a new marketing methodology that is revolutionising the world of inbound marketing.

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His Entrepreneurial Journey

Fresh out of college, Eric first began working as a bank loan officer. After being fired from his only ‘real job’, he decided that the best way to earn a living was was to do it on his own. With absolutely no background in Entrepreneurship, Eric decided to join EO Philadelphia where he quickly gained an understanding of balancing business and personal life


His Companies

A natural entrepreneur, Eric believes in creating remarkable businesses that require no extra resource or time in marketing. Under this premise, he’s grown nine businesses across a vast span of industries and each of them has beenmet with success.

Two of his startups in the restaurant space, Big Ass Slices Pizza and Silence Do Good's Tavern have unique concepts that often seem to both offend people and give them a good laugh. Another  recent venture is a travel and tourism business in Philadelphia called Big Red Pedal Tours.


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Going the Inbound Way

His latest venture, Square 2 Marketing, was recently named the “Inbound Agency of the Year” by HubSpot. The company works on performance-based compensation model with employees getting paid  based on the performance of the marketing campaigns designed for customers. The model brings in takes some bold confidence in his team!

Keiles also started his own marketing agency named Square 2 Marketing, which was named the in 2013. It is also HubSpot's first Diamond Partner. And before founding this company, he created two national graphic design and promotional products companies - The Stitches Catalog and The Logo Workshop.


Revolutionising Marketing

Eric’s mission has always been to help business owners think differently about their sales and marketing efforts. Reality Marketing™ is a novel marketing methodology and a term coined by him, along with his business partner Mike Lieberman, that emphasizes the drive to achieve higher revenue growth. The concept describes how businesses in the present can utilize cost-effective inbound marketing tactics. Eric and Mike are paving ways in which entrepreneurs change the way they think about marketing their companies. MarketingSherpa calls the duo “original and contrarian marketers.”

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Making the “traditional sales guy” a passe

Eric has co-authored several books with his business partner Mike Lieberman. Their popular first book, Reality Marketing Revolution, is a thesis on the changing world of inbound marketing and the dramatic shift in buyer behavior. It introduces concepts like “The Red & Blue Test,” “Being Remarkable” and the “Cup of Coffee Challenge.” The book has been called the “best how-to marketing book ever” by Verne Harnish, "The Growth Guy”.

Their second book, Fire Your Sales Team Today, has been known to ‘upset’ the traditional sales department by demonstrating through many real-life examples how effective marketing threatens the jobs of the “traditional sales guy” obsolete. The book outlines a complete inbound sales process.

A popular writer and public speaker, Eric has also provided expert insight on panels and speaking appearances throughout America’s entrepreneurial community.


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