Kred’s 2020 Guide for Virtual Events

Like it or not, Virtual Events are a thing.

Video conferencing has been around for a long time - The first service being released by AT&T in 1970 with their Picturephone:


It is now everywhere, on every device, and the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has forced the hand of many businesses, and individuals alike, to depend on the array of video conferencing apps for work and to stay connected with the people and groups they care about.

Two’s company. Three’s a crowd. They’re all Virtual Events.

While Facetime and Duo continue stand as the go-to for impromptu, one on one video calls, Zoom has been the shining star of this year’s stampede to #RemoteWork, seeing daily users spike to 200 million in March, up from 10 million in December.


In May, blockchain news outlet CoinDesk recorded over 22,000 registrations for an online-only edition of their annual tradeshow, Consensus. The event was hosted on Zoom.


Video conferencing now connects us with our loved ones, let’s us catch up with colleagues, host distributed bar mitzvahs and weddings and everything in between.

There has been a 1,000% increase in Virtual Events

But how can we get the same value from this new breed of events?

How can we create audience engagement?

How can we support the valuable connections from the “serendipitous meetings that are somewhat analogous to what you might experience at in-person conferences”?

With upgrades to the Kred Influencer CRM and all new support for Zoom, we have compiled 5 simple ways to create value before, during and after your next video conference.



1. Unlock the value in your existing contacts and communities and invite the right people

The Kred Influencer CRM helps you access and extract the value from your contacts - No matter where you’re originally connected. 

    1. Connect your social accounts to Kred to add your contacts from each to the Influencer CRM. Kred matches additional profile information, interests and Kred Scores to each

      Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 1.21.32 PM

    2. Search your Contacts to find the people you already know who are interested in the subject of your event - Results are sorted by Kred Influence Score, helping you find the most relevant influencers to invite.


    3. Invite your contacts to join your event directly from the Kred CRM


2. Make your event discoverable

Live.Kred for Zoom helps individuals and brands discover relevant Virtual Events on the topics that interest them.

    1. List your Zoom on Live.Kred to be featured in our Virtual Event Directory


    2. Events on Live.Kred can be discovered by topic, who’s speaking, or friends who are also attending


    3. A simple leaderboard view shows which events are hot, with event scores based on event engagement, popularity and conversations about the event on social




3. Gamify participation

NFT.Kred helps organizers of both physical and virtual events engage their attendees and participants with tokenized offers.

    1. Every Zoom a host lists on Live.Kred includes a Participation Leaderboard, showing real time rankings of who has been the most active and engaged in your Virtual Event


    2. Virtual NFT Swag is a light, digital way of sharing exclusive offers with your participants, including:
      1. Physical giveaways - "Visit our website to leave your shipping details and claim a branded hoodie!"

      2. Digital offers - "Redeem this token for a free copy of our book"

      3. Meetings - "Use this token to schedule a meeting on our CEO's calendar"

      4. Prizes - "Dinner is on us! Redeem this token for $25 on Uber Eats”

    3. NFT Swag tokens can be shared one by one, or in a bundle, like the traditional event Swag Bag




4. Track and record engagement

Kred Smart-Invites give Zoom hosts deeper insights into their Virtual Events. Instead of sharing a basic link to join a video call, they dress the link with meaningful information about the event, including an image, the time and host details, and even a link to a preview.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 2.26.30 PM

    1. Whether creating 1 or 1,000 Smart-Invites, each is registered as a unique token on a blockchain, unlocking visibility into its history and provenance - You can always see who has access to your event, even after it has passed.


    2. Social actions and engagement during your event are registered in an activity stream on the Smart-Invite profile, helping you and attendees keep track of new connections and “serendipitous meetings” akin to those we value so highly at in-person conferences.


    3. Participants who hold your Smart-Invite (even after the show) have ongoing access to the feed, along with a recording of the event, creating longtail engagement with your participants.



5. Publish your top conversations and attendee engagement to embeddable activity feeds that create FOMO

Grab conversation streams help event organizers showcase and share the highlights of their event with a single, focused feed that can be embedded on any website.

Grabs are powered by cross-platform feeds, helping you aggregate the best content, no matter where it is.

    1. Connect your social accounts to your Grab so pull in your own posts. Filter can be used to refine the feed to only include posts relevant to your event.

    2. Add your event hashtag, or the hashtags that people are using on the topic your event covers - This is a great way to show momentum and relevance around the subject of your event.

    3. Embed on any site with a simple widget code




Try these 5 simple ways to create engagement around your next Virtual Event. All products listed have generous free trials, so you can get going at no charge!

If you have questions about how Kred can help - Please schedule a time for a call on my calendar here:

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