Influencer Story: Larry Kim

How can you use laziness to your advantage? While others were working harder on repetitive, mindless search marketing tasks, Larry Kim decided to work smarter and write programs to automate them, creating free time he could then spend finding "Unicorns".. "Unicorn" is the name Larry dubs pieces of content that (for no apparent reason sometimes) resonate with a brand's community and drive a higher CTR.

Larry's search marketing software and services firm, WordStream, helps businesses find their Unicorns and better market themselves on Google and Facebook.


His Entrepreneurial Journey

Originally hailing from Canada, Larry is an Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo. He began his career with various software engineering and product management jobs. His keen interest in Internet marketing propelled him to found WordStream.

Today, the Boston-based company has about 200 employees, 10,000 customers and over $500 million in revenue purely from managing annual ad spends! It has been among the 500 fastest-growing private companies in America for the past 4 years.

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Under Larry’s guidance, the company secured $4M Series A investment from Sigma Partners in 2008 and a $6M Series B investment by Egan Managed Partners in 2010. A strong believer of ‘giving back to businesses’, Larry shares his learnings with nearly a million visitors a month on his WordStream blog.

A Man of Many Words

Kim is a well recognized speaker at numerous industry events including INBOUND, SearchLove, SMX, ClickZ/SES, Pubcon, PPC Hero Conference, SEMPDX.

A four-time award-winning author, Larry has been the most Influential PPC Expert for 3 consecutive years from 2013 - 2015. He has also authored the most shared PPC article of all time.

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A prolific writer for over 7 years, Larry has covered topics around internet marketing and social media and is a regular contributor to industry websites and magazines including Inc. Magazine, Website Magazine, Search Marketing Standard, Search Engine Journal, DM news and numerous other business, technology, and internet marketing publications.

He has also been featured in Wired Magazine, CNET, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and other prominent publications.

His Secret Passion

Larry is an avid photographer and practices drone videography in his spare time. He has over 100 flights to his count and happily quips that he is yet to crash or injure anyone!

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Motto and Mantra

Larry had clear beliefs when starting his business, and his reasons are a valuable takeaway to any aspiring Entrepreneur:

  1. *Make tons of money; money is motivation!
  2. Make something that could be valuable/useful to other people or businesses.
  3. Create meaningful jobs for people.

His Advice

Start by thinking about your reasons and motivations for wanting to start a business in the first place. Then make sure that the idea you are pursuing is truly remarkable.

To young Marketeers, Larry advises, “Very little of your effort will actually make a difference. You need to figure out where the leverage really is.

The 1% of work that produces 80% of the marketing benefits. Don’t mistake activity for progress.



Larry is an active social media user and regularly updates his profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

UPDATE: Check out Larry Kim's new venture - MobileMonkey, A chatbot building platform for marketers that enables mobile messaging between businesses and customers.

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