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Known for her brave acting choices in the roles she takes, Patricia Arquette has numerous awards and recognitions to her name. She is perhaps best known today for her role in the 2014 American coming-of-age drama film Boyhood. The movie garnered a lot attention for its 12-year long production. Her journey from being a single mom at the age of 20, to an Academy Award winner has been an eventful one.


Setting the Stage

Arquette was born in Chicago in 1968 to a family who were involved in the arts. For a large part of her young life, she lived in rural Virginia, an experience which developed her capacity for empathy. Before pursuing a career in acting, she wanted to be a midwife, but she put this career prospect aside briefly in an attempt to gain acting jobs and eventually gained success in the industry.

As a child, she discouraged her parents from getting her braces for her teeth and wanted to display her flaws because it would help her with character acting.

Patricia became a young mother at the age of 20 in 1989. She raised her son alone until she married Nicolas Cage in 2000. She later married actor Thomas Jane whom she divorced in 2011.

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Early Years as an Actor

Her initial roles included that of a pregnant teenager in the television film Daddy in 1987 followed by roles in Pretty Smart and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Recognition came early in her career with the 1993 film True Romance by Tony Scott where she played Alabama Whitman, a free-spirited prostitute. Her performance received unanimous praise from critics, and favourable reviews.


Independent Films work and Critical Success

Arquette's role in Lost Highway, a neo-noir psychological thriller by David Lynch in a dual role established a strong cult following. The film earned her critical acclaim from Entertainment Weekly, Dallas Observer, The New Yorker and San Francisco Gate, and her role was even compared to the Kim Novak's role in Vertigo (1958).

Some of her notable performances were in the 1998 films Goodbye Lover and The Hi-Lo Country. The latter was described as 'classic Western' by the press.


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Transition to Television

Patricia made a transition to Television with NBC's Medium where her role was a fictional version of the psychic medium Allison DuBois. Her work garnered several awards including an Emmy and nominations for the Golden Globe and SAG Awards for several years between2005 and 2010.

Post the release of Boyhood in 2014, she continued working with CBS. She starred as Special Agent Avery Ryan on CSI: Cyber, a story revolving around FBI agents Internet crimes.


Patricia and the crew shot Boyhood over a period of 12 years. Patricia played the mother of a boy whose character progresses from ages 8 to 18. Directed by Richard Linklater, the movie was heralded as a ‘landmark film’. Her role drew comments from critics and she received worldwide acclaim for her performance.

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Social Work

Arquette and her childhood friend Rosetta Millington-Getty formed GiveLove, an NPO that supports ecological sanitation, and housing shelters in Haiti post the earthquake in 2010. She has worked with several other organisations like PETA, Eracism Foundation, Libby Ross Foundation, The Art of Elysium, and The Heart Truth.

Cancer awareness is a cause close to her heart. In 1999 she was the spokesperson for Lee National Denim Day, which raises millions of dollars for breast cancer research and education.

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