6 Social Media Content Categories To Delight Your Fans

Wondering why you need social media content categories? Here’s the deal: Most people don’t follow business pages to be sold to.
Posting interesting content from a wide variety of categories, or “content buckets,” assures that you’ll delight your current fans, while attracting new ones!

The 6 Social Media Content Categories I’ve identified for you are:

  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Conversation
  • Connection
  • Promotion

Read on after the infographic for specific tips on how to use these content types on your social media page!


6 Content Buckets for Social Media: Post Ideas

Post a mix of social media content from these categories! Mix and match what appeals to your audience.

If you don’t know, check to see which of your posts have been popular with fans.

And if you’re a complete newbie, check the popular content from accounts your ideal customers follow.

1. Entertaining Post Ideas

People love to enjoy themselves! So entertain (and attract) followers with some fun content.

Buffer says:

Content that entertains is often funny, frequently highly shareable, and often is able to quickly transform a “company” into a “group of people just like me.”

News and Holidays are #1 on the content list over at Business2Community. They say:

The best way to manage breaking news is to grab it as soon as possible and then to give it your own unique slant, preferably with a bit of insight or comment. The newer it is the better, but if you can give it a personal touch it will be more likely to be seen.

I’m a big fan of fun daily holidays, so they’re a major category in my Social Media Content Planner.

Why? Because people love them!

This holiday post blew me away. It was by far my most popular post at the time:

 An added bonus is that current holidays are trending.

You’ll likely see holiday hashtags featured as trending on Twitter. Your followers will see content about them all day (or season) long, and realize that you’re in the know when they see your content in the mix.

About holiday content, B2C said:

It ensures that you get traffic and engagement because it’s simply timely.

Here’s my rundown of entertaining content types. Which would work for your business?
  • Fun Holidays
  • Memes
  • Jokes
  • Throwback / nostalgia
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Puzzles
  • Comics

Kim Garst posts a lot of humorous content that’s a hit. Here’s one of hers from Instagram.


Anyone used Algebra today?

A post shared by KIM GARST - LIVE VIDEO PRO 🎬 (@kimgarst) on

But what about being businesslike?

Remember why people are on social media: to be social, not sold to.

Hannah Smith tells us:

" Content which has been created to entertain might not be directly related to your products/services, however in order to do its job, it does need to appeal to your target audience."

So do craft content that has your market in mind.

2. Inspirational Post Ideas

Inspirational quotes are always popular.

But inspiration can go beyond words on a picture. Buffer says:

The best kind of inspiration often comes in the form of case studies, customer testimonials and stories of failures and challenges that successful people have faced along the way.

So there’s a content idea that’s inspiring while being subtly promotional!

Inspirational content ideas for you:

Trivia / Amazing Facts
Gorgeous images
Personal stories of your or your clients’ triumphs

Here’s a good one from Rebekah Radice

3. Educational Post Ideas

If you coach, consult, train, or teach, this is an important category for you.

Share small tidbits of your wisdom to build the “know, like, and trust” factor in your fans. Once they get a taste of your expertise, they’ll be willing to invest in more!

One of my favorite content types is Tips Graphics. These do well for me across all social platforms.

For more leads and sales, share educational content that warms people up to your products and services. Some smart ideas:

Link to your and others’ blog posts
Tips & Tricks
Industry Research
Free Resources (reports and guides)
Answers to FAQs
Case Studies
Live Video Training

Jenn Herman has a very specific look for her “new blog post” notifications on Instagram. Check it out: 

 4. Conversational Content Ideas

Whether your post is strictly conversational or falls into another content category, you should always try to incite conversation. You followers respond best when you don’t just talk at them, but listen too.

Here’s what I mean: Don’t just post a graphic of a holiday or quote. Share what you think about it! Ask followers if they celebrate / have ever heard of it / agree.

You can do similar with educational content.

Have you tried this?
Have any more tips to share?
Which tip is your favorite?

For strictly conversational content, here are some great conversation starters. Create a graphic to go with, and you’ve got a winner!

Fill in blanks
Ask for advice
“Caption this” photos

Here’s a simple question graphic I made that got a boatload of great comments!

5. Connection Content Ideas

People buy from people! It’s a great idea to connect with your followers on a personal level.

As with Conversation, you can infuse Connection into almost all your posts by infusing your personality in your image choices and captions.

Perhaps because I’m an introvert, I feel that this category can be overdone. Do remember that people who aren’t following you yet (and don’t know you) will probably not be interested in a feed that’s strictly selfies and your personal events.

But there are plenty of business-related ideas here too. There’s nothing quite like featuring others in your niche, or your followers, to create a one-on-one connection!

Try these ideas for “connecting” posts:

Behind the Scenes
Product Previews just for followers
Photos of Your Life (hobbies, vacations, family)
Shoutouts of complementary businesses or groups
Employee features
Photos from events you’re attending
Thanking fans
Share your favorite cause
Ask for opinions / feedback

Peg Fitzpatrick excels at connecting with fans. Here’s one example where she combines an event photo and a shoutout.

 6. Promotional Post Ideas

Finally – what you’ve been waiting for!

YES, you absolutely should promote your business on social media. It’s why you’re spending all that time, right?

It’s generally considered acceptable to spend 20% of your content on promotion. You might get away with more if your free webinars and opt-in freebies are truly valuable. Those would cross into the educational category.

Here are promotional content ideas for your social media:

Freebies for email signups
Products / Services
Client testimonials


Delight your current fans, and attract new ones, by posting valuable content from a variety of categories.

We reviewed examples for these 6 Social Media Content Types:


Which ideas will work best for your audience? Let me know in a comment what Social Media Content Categories are your fans’ faves!

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