Stay-at-home Mom to Sales Superstar

How often does a strong vision transform an accident victim into a household name?

Meet Elinor Stutz.The woman whose misfortune changed the course of her life and help transform her into a Power Influencer and Sales industry superstar. Her determination to overcome tragedy empowered her to live her life the way she wanted.


Two visions and a walking miracle

Within a gap of a decade, Elinor Stutz, then a stay-at-home, met with two tragic, life-altering accidents - one of which left her with a broken neck and the surgeon’s predictions of probable life-long paralysis.

After hearing their prognosis, she experienced two visions - one of a report card that reflected high marks in how she was living her life, but a blank section in the area of community service. The other showed a strong Elinor delivering a speech to thousands of people. At that moment she took an oath to give back to the community and become that speaker inspiring the lives of her audiences.

Before surgery, she told her surgeon that she would be walking out of the hospital after her surgery. Four days later, when she did just that, the medical staff of the hospital anointed her as ‘The Walking Miracle’.




A salesgirl with sugar, spice and everything nice

Stutz’s entry into the World of Sales was an idea driven by her husband. He strongly believed that she had the personality of a salesperson and his continued encouragement inspired her incredible journey.

The 90’s was a time when women weren’t the front face of sales. In one of her interviews, Elinor recalls, “The only place that was semi-interested in hiring me would have me selling an unknown brand of copier, door-to-door. The director was interviewing me and had me come back 6 times!” In the end, she managed to sell herself and landed her first Sales job.


The Power Influencer Elinor Stutz

Today, as founder of Smooth Sales, Stutz is a powerful speaker, delivering motivational keynotes at conferences around the globe. She is also the International Best-Selling Author of Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results and HIRED!. Her third book, The Wish: A 360 Business Development Process to Fuel Sales provides readers with a comprehensive plan for building a worldwide audience.


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Her Motto

Believe, Become, Empower - Experiencing a life-changing event and making decisions that will alter the future course of life is a philosophy Stutz believes in.  

In her own words, “First and foremost, salespeople need a high level of integrity. You need to know where to draw the line in the sand, and to not just make the sale to get the money. Make the sale because you know it will benefit the other party. Equally important is to believe in yourself, and get help when you need it. Don’t give up, but find a better way. My mantra is that anything is possible when you’re willing to put a plan in place, be flexible and keep moving towards that dream.”

Read Elinor's complete interview with Kred here.

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