Influencer Story: Taylor Fulks

It’s rare to meet someone who calls themself a ‘Warrior’ of Child Sexual Abuse, and not a ‘victim’ or ‘survivor’. An open heart surgeon by day, Taylor Fulks is an avid storyteller by night. Her award-winning novel, 'My Prison Without Bars: The Journey of a Damaged Woman to Someplace Normal' is inspired by true life events.


Befriending Technology

Fulks took to writing by chance. The disturbing events of a broken childhood had caused her to withdraw into a shell of shame and fear. For the longest time, she was a timid person as a result of the sexual abuse she had experienced as a teenager, but the one thing that she always had a love for was writing and reading mystery and romance novels.


Married and a mother of two, technology long eluded her until March, 2011, when she bought her first computer. Putting her basic knowledge of the computer to use, she began writing her novel. However, while she hadn’t lost her enthusiasm for writing, she felt that she lacked a muse to inspire her thoughts.

Taylor eventually listened to her heart’s calling and started to write about her life story, but without much detail or description, leaving the story to be filled in by the reader’s imagination.


A Turn of Events

In late 2011, the Penn State-Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal caught national attention. The proceedings that followed, including the judgement and public reaction, caused Fulks to change her story line. She decided not to prune the details and instead write a “raw, blatant and honest” account of her experience.

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Pushing the Boundaries

Taylor did not mince words when it came to the vivid descriptions she used to personify and visualize the events of her life. She wanted her readers to understand and experience what her days were like before she became a full-time blogger. She spoke of her toughest moments that she had met with courage.


Light at the end of the tunnel

Despite such a compelling story, she was turned down by numerous publishers who were averse to publishing such an “edgy and controversial topic”. Even noted publishing houses such The Writer’s Coffee Shop (original publisher of The Fifty Shades Trilogy) refused to publish her story, labeling it as “Child Porn, bestiality, and necrophilia.”

With motivation urging her to speak her story to the world, she looked towards Amazon’s Createspace and self-published her work. The rest was history.



Hollywood Calling

Fulk’s work is today being made into a mainstream Hollywood movie and she feels that Kate Winslet would make the perfect protagonist.

Taylor inspires numerous mom bloggers, child sex-abuse survivor and victims of abuse by encouraging them to write their stories. Her book has won her numerous fans with nearly 60,0000 followers on Twitter alone.


Today, as Taylor yet again battles a difficult phase in her life with skin cancer, she is forging ahead with her WARRIOR tag on.


Her Advice to Aspiring Writers

“Research what you’re getting into...the easy part is the writing. When that is completed, the real work begins.”


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