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Football is being part of a team, working towards a common goal, and pushing yourself to your physical limits.

Belonging to a Football Club means sharing your passion for the game with like-minded individuals, both on and off the field.

The .Club domain gives every club the chance to secure their team identity.  

We have ranked some of the best Football Club domain owners by their Kred Influence and Outreach Score. 


1. Cariverplate.Club

Cariverplate.Club_1-1.jpgThe Club Atlético River Plate is an Argentine sports club that is best known for its professional football team, which has won a total of 44 titles in the Premier Division. More recently, the Club has secured several international titles, including the South American Cup in 2014 and the Suruga Bank Championship in 2015. The Club was founded in 1901, as a result of a club merger between the Santa Rosa Club and La Rosales Club.


2. CCWF.Club  

CCWF.Club_1.jpgThe Chesterton Crusaders is a specialty club dedicated to walking football - a form of football aimed at those who cannot, for various reasons, play regular football. With over 60 registered members and numerous health advantages, the popularity of this all-inclusive sport is steadily growing. The Club recently won the Lifeline Walking Football Trophy in March 2016 and is home to several retired A-League players, including Brian Kilcine.


3. Atalanta.Club Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio Club is the result of a merger between two Bergamo clubs - FC Bergamo, an older and respected Club founded by Swiss emigrants, and rookie team Atalanta. The club has had success in Europe, earning the Cup Winners’ Cup semi-final in 1988 and the Coppa Italia in 1963. Former prominent Club members include Roberto Donadoni, Alessio Tacchinardi, Ivan Pelizzoli, and Domenico Morfeo. 


4. AtleticoDelRosario.Club

AtleticodDeRosario.Club.jpgThe Plaza Jewell Club Atlético del Rosario was originally established as a cricket club in 1867, by British immigrants who worked at the local railway station. It was in the late 19th Century that the Club incorporated a number of other sports, including athletics, rugby, and football. The Club was exclusively male until 2005, when the first female joined the Board of the Club.


5. OldRuts.Club

Old-Rutlishians-Football_1.jpgThe Rutlish Old Boys Association is an ambitious, non-league Club that was formed in July 1906 for former members of Rutlish Grammar School. The Club became open to the general public after several years of diminishing interest from Rutlish School alumni, and now runs three adult teams, a veterans team, and a youth team. Currently competing in the Surrey South Eastern Combination, the Club has continued to play on its own ground in Merton Park, London for over 80 years


6. GDFC.Club

Screen_Shot_2016-05-09_at_6.17.33_PM.pngThe Guernsey Disability Football Club was formed in 2008 and is the only learning disability club on the island of Guernsey. Learning Disability football has been active on the island since the 1990s however, and Guernsey has competed in the Special Olympics, winning one gold and two silver medals. The Club has played against the likes of Everton, Arsenal, and Southampton.


7. KRFC.Club

KRFC.Club.jpgThe Killarney Rugby Football Club was founded in 1928, and was one of the first Rugby Clubs in Ireland. The Club experienced relative success for a number of years, however by the mid 30’s their performance began to decline and the club was disbanded in the 1940’s. It was nearly 20 years later when in 1983 the Club was re-established. After years of struggling to move up divisions, in 2010 the club was promoted to Division 2 in the Munster Junior League, where they went on to win the season. The Club moved to Cah Aghadoe in 2012, where its members enjoy a full size training pitch, a juvenile pitch, a playing pitch, as well as boasting a Trim Trail which was awarded to them by Coca Cola.


8. CornerstoneFootball.Club 

Screen_Shot_2016-05-09_at_6.23.34_PM.pngThe Cornerstone Football Club started out as Fairfield FC in 2007, with a few friends who enjoyed a casual game of football. This evolved into an organized club, which sought to bring the local community closer by hosting regular football sessions. Cornerstone FC doesn’t conduct trials and welcomes everyone above the age of 16 to join their growing club.


9. StockerSoccer.Club

Screen_Shot_2016-05-09_at_6.29.24_PM.pngThe Stocker Soccer Football League offers 5-a-side football, whereby each team has five players on the field instead of the usual eight. The Club offers leagues targeted at all levels of skill and fitness, and manages a total of 30 teams - making it the largest 5-a-side league in Berkshire.


10. DubaiFootball.Club 

DubaiFootball.Club_1.jpgThe Dubai Football Club is the largest non-league football club in the UAE with over 150 registered and active members. The Dubai FC Team has experienced significant success and has won multiple competitions, and are currently the reigning DAFL Premiership and over 35s League Champions. Home games are played at the Center of Excellence in the Jebel Ali Shooting Club, where they also run weekly professional training sessions for all club members.


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