The Top 5 Reasons to get a .Design


The new Era of Design has begun. Introducing .Design, the new Domain for Design experts who want to tell the world what they are all about. Wondering if having a .Design domain is right for you? See our top 5 reasons to join below

1. Showcase Your Talents


.Design provides web addresses with at-a-glance recognition for designers launching portfolio websites to showcase their work. No longer will you wade through hundreds of possible combinations, only to find out they’ve already been taken. Add your name and the .Design domain designates you one-of-a-kind web address.

2. Industry Recognition


Whether you're into graphics, interiors, urban planning or games, a .Design web address will let visitors know know what you do before they even get to your website. .Design is custom-made for the many talented professionals who fuel this multi-billion dollar global industry:

  1. Graphic design firms
  2. Product designers
  3. Art directors
  4. Set & lighting designers
  5. Game designers
  6. Digital animators
  7. Website designers
  8. Industrial designers
  9. Urban planners
  10. Graphic artists
  11. Fashion & costume designers
  12. Landscape architects
  13. User experience (UX) architects
  14. Interior designers
  15. Mobile designers

3. Strengthen Your Credibility as a Designer


Your own domain ensures a unique web presence and adds a “trust” factor to your online image. If you’re serious about what you do – blogging, selling or giving expert insight, then a custom .Design domain is a must.

4. Maintain a Professional [Email] Presence


This might seem small, but it makes a big impression. The contrast between a generic email like and a personalized email like NewClients@KatieMo.Design or Quotes@KatieMo.Design can make all the difference.  A a personal .design domain will brand you as a professional designer.


5. Create marketing opportunities  and help increase sales


We all know good design when we see it. Now there's a domain name just for the designers who make the world a more attractive and enjoyable place – .Design. Maybe you create the dresses and shoes that fill our closets. Or perhaps you design mobile web flows that make it easy to pay the electric bill from our smartphones. Whatever you do, why not flaunt your skills with a .design domain name?

One look at your web address and the world will know what gets you out of bed in the morning Without a website, a customer or a client cannot form any positive opinions about your business. dotDesign domains align with your marketing initiatives and key selling points. They do the marketing for you.

Claim your .Design


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