Updates coming to Kred based on your Feedback

During the last few weeks, we have been busy gathering feedback, suggestions and requests from our communities on Twitter and Facebook.

We want to know what you love about Kred and what we could do better, what influence means to you and how we can help nurture it.

During this "period of reflection", we blocked new users from signing up and welcomed expressions of interest in a "Kred 2.0" where our community feedback would be progressively implemented and rolled out.

We were overwhelmed with over 2,000 social Influencers, like you, registering for access and sharing their visions.

Here are some of the highlights:

Warren Whitlock - @WarrenWhitlock
Guiding the experience of Crypto.Kred for Brands
Ian Utile - @IanUtile
Pinpointing how Kred Influencers and Brands can and will benefit from using Blockchain
Thomas Power - @ThomasPower
Bringing local Kred Events to your city and helping to build offline Community
Cory Levy - @Cory
Inspired us to share with the Cryptopalooza audience
Andrew Grill - @AndrewGrill
Helping shape the evolution of the Kred experience for Brands
Jeffrey Hayzlett - @JeffreyHayzlett
Introducing Kred to the leaders of top businesses with The Hero Club
Lynn O'Connell - @OMDIRECT
Better integration of Influencers on Empire.Kred and the rest of the Kred Platform
Neal Schaffer - @NealSchaffer
Developing the concept of Influencer focused, redeemable Kred Coins
Chris Brogan - @ChrisBrogan
Identifying the issues faced by Influencers that can be solved with Kred Coins
Joel Comm - @JoelComm
Guiding Crypto.Kred through the blockchain landscape via his podcast, Bad Crypto

And special thanks to two of our conversational fire starters on social:

Ian Moyse - @IMoyse
#1 Social Influencer #Cloud #1 ITSM #18 IOT (@Onalytica), Sales Dir. @natterbox, Sales Director Year @ISMM_UK, Board of @UK_CIF & @FAST_IiS
Tony Flath - @TManSpeaks
Disruptor, Evangelist, Influencer #cybersecurity #cloud #cloudcomputing #HybridCloud #BigData #DataScience #Analytics #AI #IoT #Blockchain #Influencer

Now, as requested, here's what we're working on:

  1. More Networks
    We are progressively connecting more networks (starting with Pinterest and YouTube) to your Kred Score so that you are recognized for more of your activity

    Increasing API restrictions can make network scoring a little tricky, but we are committed to helping you receive recognition for your community.

  2. Verified Profiles
    Upgrade your Kred Score with a Verified Influencer Profile on your own .Kred domain - You could be YourName.Kred

  3. Influencer Rewards
    Integration of Crypto.Ƙred will give Kred Influencers their own cryptocurrency for engagement

  4. Local Community Events
    We are talking with a number of you about helping us lead community Influencer events in your cities - Register your interest in hosting an event here

Do you have more feedback, suggestions or questions? Is there a particular network you would love to connect to your Kred Score and Story? Let us know in the comments!

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