Influencer Story: Vladimer Botsvadze

Meet Vladimer Botsvadze - Leading marketing, AI and digital transformation influencer.

Vladimer was the first global thought leader who achieved ''The Five-Fold Crown'' No. 1 Marketing, AI, Sales, Retail and Digital Transformation global ranking by Thinkers360.

He also ranked No. 2 Global Retail Tech Influencer GlobalData.

Botsvadze talks about Marketing and Tech Summits and tweets on innovation and thought leadership. With over 14 years of international experience in innovation and technology management, he works globally with Fortune 500 brands, Financial Times top 100 business schools, conferences and trade associations to help them discover practicality and maximize their success.

He also teaches marketing classes and has worked with world-leading brands, conferences and business schools including Adidas, Microsoft, Audi, London Business School, WebSummit, Social Media Week and more. He guides executives into the world of social media and digital marketing to help them build powerful brands through practical strategies.

We caught up with Vladimer to talk influence and online identity:

  1. What does being influential mean to you?
    I'm honored that global media, business schools, and top executives recognized me as one of the world's most innovative digital marketing influencers. My work inspires 40 million individuals in 1142 cities and 185 countries. I'm proud to have over 125K followers across my social media platforms. Predominantly, I've grown my Twitter (56,3K followers), Linkedin ( 23,9K followers) and Instagram (11,2K followers). I've achieved Kred scores of 968 influence and 9 for outreach. I also achieved Linkedin Social Selling Index 87 and ranked Top 1% global social media and marketing influencer by Kred and Klear. My strategies help top brands maximize their success. My marketing track record is exceptional, which is the reason why so many leaders and executives trust my award-winning expertise. I always put helping others first and constantly focus on adding value to other people's lives. I've built relationships, trust, and credibility with my audience. So many top brands have built winning partnerships with me. My influencer marketing services are rewarding for start-ups and Fortune 500 brands. Together we accelerate brands' business objectives, so companies become smart, strategic and strong.

  2. How do you use your influence to better your community?
    I enjoy people becoming influencers and I always help them guide into the world of marketing and social media. My friends have gained thousands of active followers that helped them reach new heights. I generate novel and challenging ideas, communicate concepts, provide unique assessments. I'm constantly wondering ''What if? How can I help them get more followers?''. I have a clear vision for what I want to achieve and I'm always willing to listen to my supporters. Moreover, I know how to put my ideas into action and drive results. I'm passionate about ideas and I'm a builder at heart. As a result, I've built phenomenal relationships with my 125K followers. There has never been a better time for determined and disciplined people. Persistence, empathy, patience, kindness, and listening are the new gatekeepers.

    People need to have a clear idea of the topic they're covering. Everyone should keep in mind that by becoming an influencer they transform their careers and they create a voice and an influencer status helps them stand out worldwide. Consistent content creation allows everyone to build a trusted name in marketing. Make sure to download all social media apps and make an effort to extend your thought leadership. Everyone starts their journey from the single tweet and it's always in the doing and executing.

  3. How does generosity enhance your online relationships?
    I'm always seen to be a generous person and I build fantastic relationships with my audience. I've created the loyal and respectful community and we make the magic happen together. I always communicate my thoughts and ideas so people become more successful, win in their industries and stay ahead of the game. Furthermore, I'm driven to make everyone tick to stay focused on the continued success of the thought leadership journey. I enjoy inspiring entrepreneurs to keep going and achieve everything ahead.

  4. How do you integrate your real life experience with online identity?
    It's a joy to have an excellent impact on marketing and tech. I'm often connected to key roles of media outlets, consumer groups, industry and trade associations, events, venture capital, training, and higher education. The whole world recognizes my thought leadership and it's my responsibility to share my award-winning expertise and help everyone discover practicality. Enthusiastic people start putting out 100 pieces of content at scale. I inspire individuals in every sector to start building personal brands and documenting their journeys.

  5. Why do you use Kred?
    Kred has been the driving force behind my Twitter growth.
    I started tracking my Score in 2014. I'm thankful to Kred for inspiring me to send more tweets and build relationships with my audience. I remember I started my social media journey from 550/5 and my current scores are 968/9 6 years later. I've put my heart and soul into growing my Kred Scores and authenticity has driven my results. I'm proud to be one of the top marketing practitioners worldwide and my results always speak for themselves.


  6. How important do you think Kred Scores are for Marketers?
    It's indispensable for modern marketers to have a presence on Twitter and track their Kred progress. Marketers can get a Domain name, upgrade their status with Influencer Verification, find their Kred score and see how influential they are.

  7. Any parting advice for someone who wants to make marketing their career?
    The world should download the Twitter app more and start following the top marketing and tech thought leaders. When you surround yourself with five successful people, you will be the sixth. By surrounding yourself with influencers who tweet on cutting-edge marketing strategies, you will transform your career. It has never a better time for disciplined people. Persistence and patience are the new gatekeepers. Always be driven by empathy, kindness, and gratitude. Self-motivation allows you to produce great results. It costs you nothing to create content at scale. Go for your dreams, explore new things and choose happiness.
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