Where does your brand experience actually start and actually end?

Client and Customer experience (CX) is very important for any company and brand; but where does it actually start and where does it actually end?

The obvious answer is with the customer - however a lot of brands don't consider all the interactions and aspects of the customer experience - and it creates a not-so-positive brand experience that can ruin all the nice marketing work you've done.

Do you consider customer experience when your clients land on your site? Or when you are posting and replying to a facebook post through your personal account?

Do you consider it when you're doing a sales call or when you're sending invoices for payment through your finance/accounting department to your clients?

If the answer is not "all of the above and more" - you're not offering a consistend brand experience and customer/client experience.

1. I can think of an example B2B e-mail that pointed to a website landing page that was amazingly made, however the CEO did not reply to Tweets (even though the tweeter had over 150.000 followers) and did not care that he was working for a potential customer. A "thank you" or "happy to help" goes a long way.

With good tracking and building a well-oiled digital machine for your B2B, you can tell that he has engaged with the company and he works for a potential new client - if nothing else, this should at least generate a form of reply.

2. I can also think about an example when the experience of sorting out an invoice with a supplier has been an absolut pain. Not particularly for the marketing guys - but for the Finance department who then told the CEO to never work with this supplier again. Client lost because of bad invoicing experience.

* Please note - these examples are sourced from companies I was not involved in

The bottom line is that a consistent brand experience is every interaction that a company (or an employee of a company) has with a potential, new or existing client.

Hope it helps!

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